Leah G.

Rachel is a true expert in her field, with the knowledge and compassion to help others overcome whatever issues are holding them back from reaching their goals. She is always encouraging and positive, with a sense of fun that often had me laughing hilariously, whether over my frequent mistakes or with joy at my successes!

Working with Rachel is nothing short of phenomenal! She is effective because Rachel lives what she teaches.

  • What I’ve learned ~ How to choose my thoughts in response to circumstances. What follows is life CHANGING!
  • What I’ve gained ~ Self-love that opened my heart to others.
  • What I expect ~ I expect continued growth in my confidence to live on purpose. I expect live full out in the plan God created just for me. I expect to live a life of successful abundance. I expect to be a living testimony to others as Rachel Gilmore is to me – LIGHT & LOVE.

Rachel Gilmore is a gift. Who doesn’t love presents?!?!


My recent work with Rachel Mango has been invaluable.

Rachel is down to earth, provides real life examples and she definitely walks the talk!!

I have learned that I am in control and can choose my thoughts every single day in response to every single circumstance.

This has allowed me to move beyond what I’ve experienced in my past and dream again.

I am confident this will allow me to continue to grow and blossom!

Rachel is an exceptional leader! The world needs more people like her!