Dominik K.

I have been working with Rachel 1 on 1 for little over a year now.

  • Last year I was broke sleeping on a friend’s floor
  • Last year I was in a deep depression.
  • Last year I was a lost Military Vet
  • Last year I was just another divorce stat.
  • Last year my limiting belief was putting me through hell,

Since working with Rachel my life has taken a 180!

She has pushed me, pulled me, coached me, and shown me how to a live life in a beautiful state. Every high earning business owner, professional athlete, and anybody that is anyone has multiple coaches. I have several coaches for different aspects of my life now, but Rachel is the tip of the spear, the guiding light, the head coach.

  • Today and every day I am thankful for everything she does for me!
  • Today I am running a successful business because of her.
  • Today I am healthier because of her.
  • Today I have better relationships because of her.
  • Today I my mind is clearer because of her.

I know for a fact she can help turn your life around in any and all aspects.

If you are ready to LIVE your life not just exist, you need to talk to her about 1 on 1 coaching PERIOD.