One Simple Strategy for Manifestation

Do you wish your life was different? That may seem like a loaded question, but for most of us we have a list tucked away somewhere in our brains about how we would like to be different or live differently. Maybe you’d like to make more money, have more friends, land a particular job, become pregnant, own a dream car, live on the beach…the possibilities are endless. What if I told you there are strategies you can use to adjust your way of being and bring you closer to realizing these desires? Manifestation is a purposeful way of being to transform your aspirational thoughts or desires into reality. While the concept and theories of manifestation are large enough to fill libraries of books, here is a simple strategy for manifestation that you can implement in your life today.

4 Steps in a Simple Strategy for Manifestation:


The beginning of this journey begins with understanding what your aspiration or desire is. While some may be very clear, such as the desire to introduce a child into your family, others, like getting a promotion, might not be. For example, in the latter, your soul may seek respect from your peers, want to be free of financial worries, or have more opportunities to learn and grow. Taking the time to truly understand your aspiration is essential because you may be gifted what you desire in a package that looks different than anticipated.


The next step is to ask for it. Your process for asking may take different forms depending on your religious or spiritual beliefs. Many people may call this prayer, but it can also be termed mindful meditation. Whatever your method is, take time to purposefully ask for what you want. Simply put, you need to put it out to the universe or a higher power that you seek something.

This is where most people stop. Or they go back to the ask several times until it becomes begging. At this juncture, moving on to another stage is critical: listening.


During meditation, we try to free our minds from thoughts–to silence our inner voices–so we can receive messages from the universe or a higher being. These messages may help guide us along a path to reach what we desire. If we listen hard enough, we may find we receive guidance for making decisions, taking opportunities, or shifting perspectives. After all, we still need to do the work to receive meaningful outcomes. By listening well, we understand what that work entails.

Let Go

Finally, we need to let go. Obsession will not make manifestation happen faster or at all. The Rolling Stones said it best:

“You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometime, well, you might find you get what you need.”

Each of us has a purpose in this world, and the universe does a good job of keeping us on our path. While we may be handed challenges along the way, they help us to learn and grow to become stronger at reaching our ultimate destiny. Accordingly, the universe doesn’t simply grant us wishes like a genie in a bottle.

Here’s an example. You can ask the universe for the winning lottery numbers but are unlikely to receive them. On the other hand, if you listen carefully, you may receive guidance toward making better financial decisions, or you may find yourself suddenly meeting new people who introduce you to job opportunities–either of which may help you achieve financial freedom.

By letting go, you allow the universe to hear your desires and lead you toward the best outcome for you. On the other hand, becoming despondent, aggravated, or upset that you aren’t getting exactly what you asked for will result in nothing.

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