Embracing the Healing Journey: A Testament to the Power of Mindset and Emotions

The moment I refused to go to the hospital that day in the doctor’s office, I knew I was in for a total overhaul in every area of my life. I had to start with my mindset and emotions-the key to healing. I had been studying to become a life coach, and I knew the importance of a healthy mindset in order to accomplish anything in life. I knew if I was going to overcome and heal from the diagnosis the doctors had given, I was going to have to discipline my mind to stay focused on healing and not the disease. I refused to associate with the disease; I would not allow myself to become a victim to it.

mindset and emotions-the key to healingMy oldest daughter had struggled in school, and the teachers always wanted to test her for all of these learning disabilities that lead to medications and labels that potentially follow them the rest of their lives. My daughter learned differently from the rest of the kids in her class, but I knew she was brilliant and one of the most intuitive and perceptive humans I had ever met. She was a challenge to me as her mother too. She was determined to find her own way to do everything and didn’t want to be told she had to do it a certain way. I knew my daughter was extraordinary; she taught me so much and gave me permission to heal in the way that felt best for me.

Mindset and emotions-the key to healing

I knew deep down that there was a better way to heal. Mindset and emotions-the key to healing, I didn’t know anyone who had healed without the use of western meds. My mother had her thyroid removed and was on medications for life. People all around me were on medications, and something in me said I get to do it another way. I started researching, reading, and being gentle with myself, which is something I had never done before. I was tough on myself. I judged myself; I had to be perfect or so I thought, in order to be “good enough”. My body had to be perfect, my house had to be perfect, my kids had to be dressed perfectly, my yard had to be perfect. Do you see a theme here? My identity was wrapped up in what others thought of me, and that had to change; it was time to be real. I could no longer keep up the facade of perfection.

I had the faith that healing was possible and the discipline to stay the course when I was tempted to just take a pill to lose the weight or just feel better. A book that opened my eyes to the reality of healing was Louise Hay’s “You Can Heal Your Life”. I wasn’t a big reader; in fact, I had only read a handful of books in my life, and now I am reading everything I can get my hands on that will teach me how to heal my body. “The Power of the Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy, “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself” by Joe Dispenza, and “The Untethered Soul” by Michael Singer—these books were opening my mind to new perspectives and changing the way I think and behave, mindset and emotions—the key to healing. They helped me lay a new foundation for healing and creating a life where I am free to be me, to love myself and be authentic. No more perfectionism, no more pretending, no more trying to be something I am not. These books were showing me what’s possible, who I really am, the truth I didn’t know I needed.

When I heal my emotions and mindset, I heal my body.

Healing was beginning in my mind. I began to give myself permission to explore my emotions. Up until that point, I didn’t cry, I didn’t feel too much, I was shut down emotionally, just going through the motions of life trying to be good enough (more on where this came from later). Now I had opened the floodgates, and emotions were freely felt and released; I wasn’t holding it in anymore. I was liberating myself. When emotions get trapped in the body, the body begins to respond by giving you symptoms to show you something is wrong. The book “You Can Heal Your Life” offers emotions and the symptoms that go along with them; this was an eye-opener that caused me to begin to see how my emotions and mindset were the cause of my dis-ease. When I heal my emotions and mindset, I heal my body. Now I had answers, I was empowered to do the work to heal my body starting with my mindset and emotions-the key to healing!!

I’d love to hear from you, are you or someone you know on a healing journey? How can I support you?


  1. Sallie Witherspoon on May 23, 2024 at 8:14 am

    This is so true, thank you for sharing this positive message!

    I’ve been on a healing journey for the past 10 years, and still improving day by day.

    Keep sharing!

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