Life Coaching

3 sessions a month to get you from where you are now, to where you want to be in all areas of your life. 

My mission

My mission is to mentor and guide entrepreneurial spirited individuals on their journey to living their purpose so they can create the freedom to live life on their terms. I’m here to give you what I wish I had 18 years ago when I started my first business. I take individuals through a powerful process to awaken their purpose and vision, and support them in taking inspired action from a place of alignment.

The Time is NOW for you to

  • Get clarity around your purpose and vision
  • Create a powerful life plan
  • Become seriously committed to the work
  • Take consistent aligned action
  • Experience massive success in your business and all areas of your life

It’s time to turn your dream vision into a reality.
Humanity and the world need your unique set of gifts and talents! Contact me for payment plans.

IBRT-Integrated Bioenergetic Restoration Therapy

Identifying and clearing any, and all interferences, allowing the body to return to a state of wholeness. Looking holistically at the  bigger picture of your body, mind, & soul,  I use applied kinesiology (AK or muscle testing) to test for some of the following interferences: trapped emotions, belief patterns, trauma, toxins, nutritional needs, structural issues, diseases, intolerances, and spiritual imbalances. Once these interferences are cleared the body can return to its designed state of homeostasis.

Sessions held remotely over zoom or in person in Saluda NC by appointment only.

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